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A FOSS enthusiast. An Independent Linux System Administrator and Software Developer. An observer.

or neither..

I am having difficulty even finding the motivation needed to complete my page. I used to review and critique personal web pages that I would come across. The statement that I enjoy the most is being a judge: Look at this! They've added so many projects to their portfolio, but they've created their own page using a WordPress template.. Time has passed and it has changed me as well. Even though introducing myself is difficult, I decided to not leave this domain that I have registered since 2011 and to not take the easy way out by using a ready-made template.


Since I became aware, I have been thinking about the answer to a problem that I still do not know the answer to and have come to believe that I will never fully learn. You know, I'm thinking about who I am, what is human, why the universe exists and the concept of God that can answer all these questions. While spinning in the midst of existential pains (a psychosis that started a bit early), I was introduced to an Amiga computer at a family friend's house and at my mother's workplace. Did every child get affected this much? I don't know. But it drew me in just as I was.

A few years later, when I was 11/12, I got my first computer. The computer and network universe gave me the feeling of transitioning to a parallel universe. Especially when connecting with a dial-up connection and hearing that sound... :) The first applications I encountered were mIRC, ICQ, and later MSN.

But there was a problem. Another question was etched into my mind, in addition to existential questions: how were all these images and text entering the cables, being transported, and appearing in front of me. My starting point for finding the answer to this question was the IRC servers where I spent hours. I also met the Linux world while setting up my own IRC server.

I started attacking everything I could reach with the sense of accomplishment. Once you grab the end of the thread, you don't want to let it go. While surfing through concepts such as operating systems, network management, shell scripting, web design, and databases, I experienced an enlightenment. Technology was not actually a door opening to a parallel universe, but rather a mimic of our nature and the universe we are in.

This awareness led me to spend a lot of time at the computer and search for answers to my existential questions. Everyone has a path they take to understand life and find answers to their questions, and mine has been to work with information systems since those days.


To understand the cultural development process of humans and to be able to interpret the present day in a more meaningful way, I graduated from the Archeology Department at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Yes, there is a gap between my field of work and my field of study. My only expectation from university education was to shed light on the dark spots in my mind, and I believe that I have achieved this more than enough.

I worked as a Linux and Network Expert at 1 data center, 1 hosting-domain provider, and 1 telecommunications company, a total of 6 years, although the company names are not necessary here. Despite benefiting from the conveniences of capitalism, I strive not to be a part of its gears. As of 2023, I have been providing support and solutions for various IT requirements on a project-based and mostly individual basis for over 10 years.