Zorbey Doğangüneş


  • Email: zorbey@dogangunes.net

I am a human-being whose ancestors were earth, sea and sun. I have been interested in electronics and information processing systems for as long as I can remember. These systems, created by the human brain with observing, perceiving and interpreting the working mechanisms of the universe, expanded my view of life and offered a different and powerful perspective for me to understanding the cosmos. They have been a gateway for me to perceive where I am, what life is, what the purpose of life is.

My Interests

Virtualization Technologies 74%
Server-side Programming 79%
GUI Design for Web Applications 45%
Runtimes and Frameworks 57%
Server Management 100%


System Administrator



Providing task automation in linux systems. Provision of server configurations and containerized services. https://www.bepronetworks.com/

Low-level programmer - Network Engineer


Linyit Network

Setting up Mikrotik and getting them ready for use. Streaming configuration between the chip and the web interface. In-depth use of RouterOS.

Jus everything


Eksen Network

Using of virtualization softwares, configurations for virtual machines to communicate with the internet, dhcp and dns regulations. Building custom linux kernels for specific situations. http://eksennetwork.com/


LPIC-1 System Administrator



LPIC-1 System Administrator


Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals


Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals


Bachelor's degree in Archeology


Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi

Bachelor's degree in Archeology


Thing to have

As evolution continues unceasingly in every corner of the universe, it ensures order and information stability in a chaotic environment. Our aim is not to deal with every single problem that arises in this process, but to create automation structures that can solve all problems.


The areas I focus on are linux-unix based operating systems and the end-to-end management of these systems. But I have an interest in every subject in the field of information technology. I admire open source philosophy and I try to build all my works with open source software as much as possible. Get in touch for cooperation, let's discuss what we can and cannot do.


If you want to communicate, you can use the contact section of the site. You can send me an email or reach me at irc.libera.chat:6697 at #opendev channel @NakedKing. If you want to whisper instead of talk then you might want to use my public pgp key.